Performance & Recording

Jangly, indie, rocky, folky, bluesy, very funky, classical and pop acoustic guitarist does online sessions, performance and library composition.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical ~ Gtr 1 & 2
London theatre world: Playing some underscore with the unusual freedom of being able to play blues.
The Headmaster Ritual

Happiest when creating and exploring new and unknown sounds (at least to me), I love valve amps when they’re breaking up, valve amps when they’re loud enough to interact with a guitar, touch wah, old tape and analogue delays, Radiohead, Tarraga, Lauro, layering guitars in interesting ways, Johnny Marr, Pat Metheny, Counting Crows and using alternate tunings.

I gravitate towards Telecaster guitars but have most things on hand from baritone to banjo.